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...Im So Dissapointed...

Rap Music Is Turning Into This Trancy Dance Shit... ESPECIALLY On The Radio... This Is Just Another Sign Of Rap Taking A Turn For The Worse As Rappers Are Now Gonna Sing There Way To Fame And Forget About the REAL Rappers...HOMIE Listen To Some Underground Forget Todays Hit Music..... So Is The First On "T-FREE''s SUBMISSIONS

T-Free responds:

Don't you think there is a reason why you mostly hear this type of HipHop on the radio? It's fact that there are lots of people who like HipHop which does not sound like the commercial type, and so the producers adapt theirselves to those. Of course I can understand you, the old HipHop has to persist because it's the original form, but it gets harder and harder as a producer to create music the people really like, especially if you haven't the right equipment and people who support you.
And I'd like to mention that I do not act in accordance to the "Hit"-music you hear in the radio, I just want to express emotions and thoughts with my music and give them to listeners. Who knows, I might even make a "real and original" HipHop track someday if I feel like it.
Thanks for the review, FRESNOrakoon.


U Seem A Little Hesitant Spittin Them Lyrics,No Excitement In The Voice...The Beat Was A Little Different Could Be A Lot Better Louder...U Got Some Balls Though...Good Job

Blasphem-E responds:

was a late night mixing session, I'll check that later


Pretty Coo Beat...Got A Little Repetitive for a DnB But Still Knockin Out Tha Park Homie...Good Job


...Its Ok...Nothin ive never heard...The Whole Beard Man Thing Is Really Annoying...

Please Rereview My Song ''...5Powers...''
...Help You Out On What You Know Before You Post Disrespectful Comments...

BojangIes responds:

huh? i never said anything bad to your songs, just that one was strange thats all....

i gave u a 5, and u did a 1.



...It Has Been At Least 2 Years Since I Have Stepped Into Any House,Trance Or Techno Beats... Listening To This Makes Me Feel Comfortable To Know That Our Music Today Is 10x Better With So Much creativity... Thanks To All Out There For Makin It Happen...

shesmackshard responds:

well thanks mayne

appreciate that

Thats Ludas Shit.....

Red light or WOMouf

NEW mix

ive been waiting for someone to make a remix of "reptiles level theme" on mortal kombat 2 the game...the beats pretty sick...it be coo if i counld here a remix from your work.......

Hail From The Grizzly City - 5 5 9 -
- Beware of No Town -



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